GAUGE: Flight Information Box Current Version: 1.2.006

6 pages of Data: Checkout images, YES all this is packed into ONE gauge! My most complex gauge to date.
Page [S1] Multi Data
Page [S2] Speed Temp and Wind
[S2 Long Press] = Toggle Wind Pointers 180deg
Page [S3] Altitude
Page [S4] Engine Data
Page [S5] Fuel Data
Page [S6] Control Surface Data
If running on multiple FIPs then each FIP can output a different page!
* Please let me know if you find any issues using with PMDG 737 & 747 see below for known issues.
PMDG EGT output for 737 isn't sent from aircraft so SIM values are used which do not match aircraft
PMDG PSI output for 737 isn't sent from aircraft so SIM values are used which do not match aircraft

Aircraft Compatibility:
SIM: Fully Compatible
A2A: Partially Compatible
PMDG 737: Mostly Compatible*
PMDG 747: Mostly Compatible*

Buttons & Dials Summary:
[S1] Home Info Page:
[S2] Speed & Winds Page:
[S3] Altitude Page:
[S4] Engines Page:
[S5] Fuel and Tanks Page:
[S6] Control Surfaces Page:
[L Dial] Value Down/Up:
[R Dial] Menu Activate & Left/0:

About Flight Information Box:
The "Flight Information Box" is a 6 page gauge, with each page fixed to one of the "S" buttons. This gauge was the longest in development, the most challenging and most functional gauge in our gauge fleet. Taking close to 3 months to create there is lots packed in and value for your money.
Outputs the following data:
IAS, TAS, Mach, Heading, CRS, OAT, TAT, Windspeed & Direction, Ground Weight, Baro Altitude, Versical Speed, Alt Sel, Agl Alt Feet, Agl Alf Meters, N1, N2, ITT, Oil Temp, Fuel Flow, Fuel Quantity, Fuel remaining %, Throttle possition, Fuel time remaining, Spoiler position, Flaps Position, QNH, Baro, Oil Pressure, EGT, Starters, Fuel % per tank, Gear handle, Wheel lock indicators, Light indicators, foot brakes, Spoiler Arm, Trim position & Nose Wheel stearing.

The Main Gauge:
Consists of the following 6 pages:
1) Overview of most of the gauge data.
2) Outside Conditions.
Here you can see your speed, weight, outside temperatures, heading, CRS, Wind speed and direction. Depending if you prefer to show wind direction "From" or "To" you can toggle wind pointers 180deg if you press and hold [S2] for 2 seconds.
3) Altitude:
Here you can see VSI, AGL, MSL & Pressure settings
4) Engines:
The engines page will re-arange it's self based on the number of engines the aircraft has (1-4) and shows N1, EGT, N2 Oil Temp and Oil Pressure.
5) Fuel
Here you can view your fuel tank contents by Percent, pounds or gallons. The page will only show tanks valid for the current aircraft
6) Control Surfaces
Here you can see the status of your control surfaces like. Flapy, spoilers, trim, gear lever brakes, nose wheel steering and lights.
This gauge comes with alternative background colours in black or blue. This also toggles the black/blue background on our other gauges with the same feature so they are in sync.
This gauge will switch off automatically when the aircraft bus voltage drops to zero or if the aircraft bus voltage drops below FG_GLOBAL_MIN_VOLTAGE value if set.

Buttons & Dials Details:
[S1] Home Info Page:
Use to access the overview home page.
[S2] Speed & Winds Page:
Use to activate the Outside Conditions page. Press and hold [S2] to toggle wind direction pointer 180deg depending if you prefer point showing "To" or "From" direction.
[S3] Altitude Page:
Use to show altitude page.
[S4] Engines Page:
Use to show Engines Page.
[S5] Fuel and Tanks Page:
Use to show the fuel status page.
[S6] Control Surfaces Page:
Use to show the control surfaces page.
[L Dial] Menu Value Down/Up:
Used to increase or decrease the function of the selected menu option.
[R Dial] Menu Left/Right:
Used to activate the Mini Menu and scroll between the various menu options.

The Mini Menu:
(Activated with [R Dial])
Version & Info:
Turn left dial clockwise to turn on and counter clockwise to turn off current version number and other useful links.
Background Colour:
Turn left dial clockwise or counter clockwise to toggle gauge background colour between black and blue. This also toggles the black/blue background on our other gauges with the same feature so they are in sync.
Glass Reflection:
Turn left dial clockwise to turn on and counter clockwise to turn off optional glass reflections. This is a global setting so all gauges that have this function will turn on and off in sync.
Aircraft Compatibility Mode:
Switch between SIM and PMDG737 compatibility.

     Background Colour (Black = 0, Blue = 1 )
     Minimum voltage before gauge electronics turns off (-1 to 150)
     -1 = Disabled
     0 - 150 = Off Voltage Level
     Bus Voltage used for turning off gauges (0 to 1)
     0 = Main Bus
     1 = Avionics Bus
     Gauge Page Number (0 - 5)

Release Notes:
1.2.006 - Changed display format of pressure settings (Page 3) includes Sea Level Pressure
1.2.005 - Added Brightness Control to Mini Menu
1.2.004 - Minor graphic fix
1.2.003 - Added some PMDG Compatibility for AP Altitude and Lights
1.2.002 - Fixed bug showing Eng2 Oil Temp on single engine layout.
1.2.001 - Resized Text to become compliant with SPAD.neXt scaling changes - Swap Wind Direction [S2 Long Press] - P3D Bug Workaround
1.1.000 - Re-write in code using SPAD.neXt's new template coding: Public release
1.0.008 - Incorrect engine displays for three engine aircraft fixed
1.0.007 - Engine Page nearly finished
1.0.006 - Started Engines Page [S4]
1.0.005 - More complete Surfaces Page [S6]
1.0.004 - Started Control Surfaces Page [S6]
1.0.003 - More complete Altitude Page and added QNH to Left dial
1.0.002 - Nearly finished Altitude Page [S2]
1.0.001 - Added work in progress Altitude Page [S2]
1.0.000 - Beta Release

Please report any bugs or feature requests via our forum

Copyright 29/08/2019