GAUGE: Clock Digital Current Version: 1.3.003

1) Digital Clock
2) Digital Timer (Start-Stop-Reset)
3) 5 different backlights [S6]
4) Local and Zulu time From Sim
5) Local and Zulu time from PC
6) Mini Menu
7) Optional colour displays
8) Optional side buttons
9) Optional glass reflection
10) Mini menu
11) Panel lighting
12) Brightness Control (Physical FIP)

Aircraft Compatibility:
SIM: Fully Compatible
A2A: Fully Compatible
PMDG 737: Fully Compatible
PMDG 747: Fully Compatible

Buttons & Dials Summary:
[S1] Toggle Clock/Timer:
[S2] Change time to come from SIM:
[S3] Change time to come from PC:
[S4] Change time to GMT/UTC:
[S5] Change time to Local time:
[S6] Cycle BackLight Colours/Start-Stop-Reset Timer:
[L Dial] Function -/+ and Timer Adjustment:
[R Dial] Menu Previous Function/Menu Next Function:

About Clock Digital:
Digital Clock with Start-Stop-Reset Timer function.

The Main Gauge:
Has two main functions, toggled by pressing the [S1] button.
1) Digital Clock:
Shows the current date on 5 different colour backlights.
Output time can be one of 4 different combinations:
     1) SIM time - GMT
     2) SIM time - Local
     3) PC time - GMT
     4) PC time - Local
2) Digital Timer.
Time can be stopped, started, rewound or fast forwarded in steps of 1 minute or set to "00:00:00".
There is a green LED on the main display to identify if TIMER or CLOCK is active. The Yellow Timer LED will be lit if the timer function is paused.

The Sidebar:
Contains information on your selected time settings and button labels, which change depending if clock or timer is selected.

Buttons & Dials Details:
[S1] Clock & Timer Function:
Press to toggle between the clock and timer function.
[S2] Simulator time:
Press to set time to use time from simulator.
[S3] PC time:
Press to use time from PC.
[S4] GMT:
Press to set time zone to GMT/UTC.
[S5] Local time:
Press to set time to local time.
[S6] - Clock Mode - Backlight Colour:
When in clock mode press to toggle through the 5 different second hand colours.
     0 = Grey LCD
     1 = Blue
     2 = Orange
     3 = Green
     4 = Plain White
[S6] - Timer Mode
Short  Press - Starts and Stops the timer. When stopped the Timer LED lights to let you know it's not running.
Long Press - Reset timer to "00:00:00"
[L Dial] Menu Value Down/Up + Fast Forward/Rewind timer:
In Mini Menu left dials is used to increase or decrease the function of the selected menu option.
In timer mode left dial counter clockwise re-winds the timer and clockwise fast forwards the timer.
[R Dial] Menu Left/Right:
Used to activate the Mini Menu and scroll between the various menu options.

The Mini Menu:
(Activated with [R Dial])
Version & Info:
Turn left dial clockwise to turn on and counter clockwise to turn off current version number and other useful links.
Side Buttons:
Turn left dial clockwise to turn on and counter clockwise to turn off side buttons.
Time Source:
Turn left dial clockwise or counter clockwise to toggle time source between SIM & PC.
Time Zone:
Turn left dial clockwise or counter clockwise to toggle time zone between GMT & Local.
Clock / Timer:
Turn left dial counter clockwise to select clock mode and clockwise to select timer mode.
Turn left dial counter clockwise to step back through backlight colours and clockwise to step forward through backlight colours.
     0 = Grey LCD
     1 = Blue
     2 = Orange
     3 = Green
     4 = Plain White
Glass Reflection:
Turn left dial clockwise to turn on and counter clockwise to turn off optional glass reflections. This is a global setting so all gauges that have this function will turn on and off in sync.
Background Colour:
Left dial will change colour styles to the following
     1) Dark grey panel with dark grey clock face
     2) Dark grey panel with black clock face
     3) Very dark grey panel with black clock face
     4) Black panel with black clock face.

     Side Buttons (Off = 0, On = 1)
     Manages rotation of Left Dial
     Clock Face (Face 0 to 4)
     0 = Grey LCD
     1 = Blue
     2 = Orange
     3 = Green
     4 = Plain White
     Instructions Page (Off = 0, On = 1)
     Side Button Labels (Off = 0, On = 1)
     Timer Stop Start Status (Running = 0, Paused = 1)
     Menu Item Index (-1 - 8)
     -1 = Menu Closed
     0 = Instructions
     1 = Side Buttons
     2 = Time Source
     3 = Time Zone
     4 = Toggle Clock/Timer
     5 = Cycle Backlight Colours
     6 = Glass Reflection
     7 = Background Colour
     Mode Timer or Clock (Clock = 0, Timer = 1)
     Stop Watch Start Variable (Internal Use Only)
     Stop Watch Paused - Restart Variable (Internal Use Only)
     Time Zone taken from (GMT=0, LOACL = 1)
     Time taken from (SIM = 0, UTC = 1)
  Background Colour (0 to 3)
     0 = Grey
     1 = Black Dial Face
     2 = Black Gauge & Dial Face
     3 = Black & No Gauge GFX
     Glass Reflection (Off = 0, On = 1)
     Minimum voltage before gauge electronics turns off (-1 to 150)
     -1 = Disabled
     0 - 150 = Off Voltage Level
     Bus Voltage used for turning off gauges (0 to 1)
     0 = Main Bus
     1 = Avionics Bus
     Night Lit Mode (Off = 0, On = 1)

Release Notes:
1.3.003 - Automatic Dial Acceleration added to timer adjustment
1.3.002 - Added Brightness Control to Mini Menu
1.3.001 - Clock Face is no longer completely dark when no power.
1.3.000 - Panel Lights now controlled by local variable (FG_GLOBAL_PANEL_LIGHTS) 0=Off 1=On
1.2.000 - Timer Start and Stop function added [S6] Toggle start Stop. Reset is now [S6 long press]
1.1.001 - Minor Graphics change (Instrument Name)
1.1.000 - Major bug fix where both Hours and Minutes were rounding up half way through the hour or minute.
1.0.004 - Public Release
1.0.000 - First Build

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Copyright 19/04/2019