GAUGE: Check List Cessna Realistic Current Version: 1.2.002

1) Interactive check list
2) Tick check boxes
3) Auto next page
4) 88 Items over 8 Pages
5) Tick sound
6) Page Turning sound
See Manual for details of list items.
Browse pictures or click gauge user manual icon for full list of checklist items.

Aircraft Compatibility:
SIM: Fully Compatible
A2A: Fully Compatible
PMDG 737: Fully Compatible
PMDG 747: Fully Compatible

Buttons & Dials Summary:
[S6] Tick Next Item:
[L Dial] Tick Rewind/Forward:
[R Dial] Page Back/Forward:

About Check List Cessna Realistic:
Check lists on a FIP! And why not ? Our checklists can be loaded to a FIP and live behind another gauge if you want. We appreciate that using up a valuable FIP for just a checklist may not be desirable but as SPAD.neXt allows you to toggle gauges in on a FIP you can call and hide the checklist whenever you need it.
It was planned to do check lists for most popular aircraft but unfortunately the time against sales has meant we've had to keep to the very most common aircraft and this is our Cessna Realistic version.

The Main Gauge:
  Parking Brakes
  Magneto/Starter Switch
  Battery & Alternator Master
  Fuel Pump
  Mixture / Fuel Flow
  Battery Switch
  Flight Controls
  Fuel Quantity
  Fuel Selector
  Avionics Switch
  Request Clearance
  Beacon / Strobe Lights
  Throttle 1/4 Inch
  Engine and Prop Area Clear
  Fuel Pump Switch
  Magneto / Starter Switch
  Oil Pressure, Ammeter
  Engine Instruments
  Fuel Pump Switch
  Annunciator Lights
  Nav Lights
  Taxi Light
  Heading Indicator
  Request Taxi Clearance
  Taxi Clearance Received
  Parking Brake
  Brakes Check
  Directional Gyro
  Turn Coordinator
  Artificial Horizon
  Taxi to runway
  Parking Brake
  Fuel Quantity
  Fuel Selector Valve
  Alternator Switch
  Throttle 1800
  <150 RPM Drop on each
  <50 RPM Drop between
  Ammeter - Positive Charge
  Oil Temprature
  Elevator Trim for take-off
  Flaps SET 0-10 degrees
  Flight Controls Free & Correct
  Landing Lights
  Pitot Heat
  Request Takeoff Clearance
  Throttle to full smoothly
  Foot Brakes
  V1 = 55 KIAS
  Vr = 65 KIAS
  Pitch 10-15 degrees
  Power 2100-2700 RPM
  Mixture Lean + 3000 A/R
  Elevator Trim
  Fuel Balance
  Fuel Selector Valve
  Landing/Taxi Lights
  Wing Flaps as Required
  Elevator Trim
  Landing Roll
  Wing Flaps

Buttons & Dials Details:
[S6] Tick Next Item:
Press to tick check list and advance through list. Pages will auto advance when you are at the bottom of the page and press tick once more.
[L Dial] Tick Rewind/Forward:
Turn counterclockwise to untick last entry  and clockwise to tick next entry.
[R Dial] Page Back/Forward:
Turn counterclockwise to move back a page and clockwise to move forward a page.

     Tick possition on current page (0 - 20)
     Checklist page number (0 - 9)
     0 = Home Page
     1 = Checklist page 1
     8 = Checklist page 8
     9 = End page

Release Notes:
1.2.001 - Further text re-sizing
1.2.001 - Resized Text to become compliant with SPAD.neXt scaling changes
1.2.000 - Removed text bitmaps and replaced with text in code & added sound.
1.1.000 - Public Release
1.0.000 - Beta release

Please report any bugs or feature requests via our forum

Copyright 21/04/2019