GAUGE: Attitude Indicator Current Version: 2.6.000

1) Attitude Ball indicating Pitch and Bank.
2) Pitch Scale toggle 0-25 or 0-50
3) Level flight confirmation LED.
4) Lighting changes with panel lights
5) Nav1 & Nav2 Signal indicator
6) Com1 & Com2 Selector indicator
7) Mini Menu
8) Com1 / Com2 switch + Com 1 Active & Standby
9) Nav1 / Nav2 Signal Morse Listen Switch
10) Optional glass reflections
11) Optional Slip Indicator ([S6] or via menu)
12) Brightness Control (Physical FIP)
13) Reverse Ball for xplane [S1] - (Beta)

Aircraft Compatibility:
SIM: Fully Compatible
A2A: Fully Compatible
PMDG 737: Fully Compatible
PMDG 747: Fully Compatible

Buttons & Dials Summary:
[S1] Toggle Ball Direction (xplane- Beta):
[S2] VOR1 Ident On/Off:
[S3] VOR2 Ident On/Off:
[S4] COM1 is Active:
[S5] COM2 is Active:
[S6] Toggle Turn Gauge/Toggle Pitch Scale (long Press):
[L Dial] Menu Value Down/Up:
[R Dial] Menu Left/Right:

About Attitude Indicator:
This is my take on the standard Attitude style gauge and is used to check aircraft climb and roll, also known are an artificial horizon. It also come with two attitude ball scales 0-50 (default) and 0-25

The Main Gauge:
The face consists of the attitude gauge and slip indicators. An optional slip indicator ball can be turned on an off also.
This gauge will switch off electrical components when the aircraft bus voltage drops to zero or if the aircraft bus voltage drops below FG_GLOBAL_MIN_VOLTAGE value if set.

The Sidebar:
Shows Nav and Com radio frequencies in addition to showing the status of Nav and Com signals.
When the NAV 1 & NAV 2 Antennas are lit the signal is being received and when the pings are lit this means the Morse Code sound will be heard if tuned and in range.
The COM2 & COM2 lights shows the currently active COM radio
You can also change the foreground and background of the Radio values. The on and Off values determine colours when power is on and when power is off when checked against (FG_GLOBAL_MIN_VOLTAGE)
Default Colours: (Red on Black)
    "FG_PROFILE_LED_COLOUR_BACK_OFF"    Value="#000000"
    "FG_PROFILE_LED_COLOUR_BACK_ON"     Value="#000000"
    "FG_PROFILE_LED_COLOUR_FORE_OFF"    Value="#000000"
    "FG_PROFILE_LED_COLOUR_FORE_ON"     Value="#dd0000"
LCD Style:
    "FG_PROFILE_LED_COLOUR_BACK_OFF"    Value="#889988"
    "FG_PROFILE_LED_COLOUR_BACK_ON"     Value="#99aa99"
    "FG_PROFILE_LED_COLOUR_FORE_OFF"    Value="#889988"
    "FG_PROFILE_LED_COLOUR_FORE_ON"     Value="#000000"
Use the above or create your own. Edit variables in the data monitor and they will be saved in your profile.
In data monitor click [Add Data] and Search for "LED_COLOUR". Select all 4 colour variables and click [OK]. Click on values to edit.

Buttons & Dials Details:
[S1] Toggle Menu Values:
Can be used to toggle the function of the selected menu option.
[S2] VOR1 Ident On/Off:
Turns on and off the Audible NAV 1 Sound.
[S3] VOR2 Ident On/Off:
Turns on and off the Audible NAV 2 Sound.
[S4] COM1 is Active:
Makes COM1 the active COM Radio.
[S5] COM2 is Active:
Makes COM2 the active COM Radio.
[S6] Short Press - Toggle Turn Gauge:
This toggles the optional turn indicator on the main gauge on and off.
[S6] Long Press - Pitch Scale
This toggles the Pitch Scale between 0-50 and 0-25
[L Dial] Menu Value Down/Up:
Used to increase or decrease the function of the selected menu option.
[R Dial] Menu Left/Right:
Used to activate the Mini Menu and scroll between the various menu options.

The Mini Menu:
(Activated with [R Dial])
Version & Info:
Turn left dial clockwise to turn on and counter clockwise to turn off current version number and other useful links.
Side Buttons:
Turn left dial clockwise to turn on and counter clockwise to turn off side buttons.
COM 1 or COM 2:
Turn left dial counter clockwise to activate COM1 and clockwise to activate COM2.
Listen to NAV 1:
Turn left dial clockwise to turn on and counter clockwise to turn off side NAV1 Listen to Morse Code.
Listen to NAV 2:
Turn left dial clockwise to turn on and counter clockwise to turn off side NAV2 Listen to Morse Code.
Turn Guide:
Turn left dial clockwise to turn on and counter clockwise to turn off main gauge turn guide.
Pitch Scale:
Turn left dial clockwise to set pitch Scale 0-50 and counter clockwise to set pitch scale 0-25
Glass Reflection:
Turn left dial clockwise to turn on and counter clockwise to turn off optional glass reflections. This is a global setting so all gauges that have this function will turn on and off in sync.
Background Colour:
Left dial will change colour styles to the following
     1) Dark grey panel with dark grey clock face
     2) Dark grey panel with black clock face
     3) Very dark grey panel with black clock face
     4) Black panel with black clock face.
Turn left Dial clockwise to increase gauge brightness and counter clockwise to decrease gauge brightness. This will adjust the brightness of all gauges at the same time.

     Menu Item Index (0 to 10)
     0 = Menu Off
     1 = Version & Info
     2 = Side Buttons
     3 = COM1 or COM2
     4 = Listen NAV1
     5 = Listen NAV2
     6 = Slip Guide
     7 = Pitch Scale
     8 = Glass Reflection
     9 = Background Colour
     10 = Brightness Control
     Side Buttons (Off = 0, On = 1)
     Slip Indicator (Off = 0, On = 1)
     Pitch Scale (0-50 = 0, 0-25 = 1)
     Side Button Labels (Off = 0, On = 1)
     Instructions Page (Off = 0, On = 1)
    Reverse direction of turn ball (On = 0, Off = 1)
  Background Colour (0 to 3)
     0 = Grey
     1 = Black Dial Face
     2 = Black Gauge & Dial Face
     3 = Black & No Gauge GFX
     Glass Reflection (Off = 0, On = 1)
     Minimum voltage before gauge electronics turns off (-1 to 150)
     -1 = Disabled
     0 - 150 = Off Voltage Level
     Bus Voltage used for turning off gauges (0 to 1)
     0 = Main Bus
     1 = Avionics Bus
     Night Lit Mode (Off = 0, On = 1)
     Background colour of fonts while power is off (default = "#000000")
     Background colour of fonts while power is on (default = "#000000")
     Foreground colour of fonts while power is off (default = "#000000")
     Foreground colour of fonts while power is on (default = "#dd0000")

Release Notes:
2.6.000 - Beta Added reverse direction for turn ball for some xplane aircraft - [S1]
2.5.000 - Left dial now adjusts the attitude crossbar height
2.4.002 - Brightness control Sync (All Gauges same brightness Value)
2.4.001 - Added brightness control to mini menu.
2.4.000 - Panel Lights now controlled by local variable (FG_GLOBAL_PANEL_LIGHTS) 0=Off 1=On
2.3.001 - Fixed missing menu graphics for Pitch Scale
2.3.000 - Added 2nd Attitude Ball smaller scale 0-25 degrees Toggle with [S6 Long Press] or change in Mini menu
2.2.001 - Total re-coding of all rotations from radians to degrees, smoother movement (not limited to 360 steps).
New file format (snp)
2.1.000 - Resized Text to become compliant with SPAD.neXt text scaling changes
2.0.000 - New colour schemes available in mini menu.
1.7.000 - Slip Guide added to Gauge (turn on in menu)
1.6.000 - Improved graphics with shadows and transparency, Optional glass reflections. Number tapes replaced with text elements.
1.5.001 - Added Profile Saved Variables
1.5.000 - Added Button control of Ident and Active Com S1-S4
1.4.000 - Added integrated Side Buttons (SPAD.neXt 0.9.x)
1.3.000 - Added Nav & Com Functions (SPAD.neXt 0.9.x)
1.2.000 - Added panel Lighting
1.1.000 - Public Release
1.0.000 - Initial Build

(Current unreleased beta 2.7.000)

Please report any bugs or feature requests via our forum

Copyright 08/11/2019