Q: Do your gauges work in x-plane?
A: Mostly, yes, but we do not support them as SPAD.neXt does the variable translations, which is beyond our control. Please also see our which simulators page for more information on the subject.

Q: Do your gauges work for PMDG aircraft?
A: While some gauges do work lots wont work fully. Where PMDG uses their own variables for output of data these wont work. Saying that if the default Saitek gauges work then my versions of the same gauges will also. I'm willing to code PMDG specific gauges as and when users can provide me the PMDG variables which subsitute the stock variables for certain functions.

Q: Do your gauges work for A2A aircraft?
A: Yes, I have had to modify a few gauges so they are universally compatible with A2A aircraft, but only where customers have told me when something doesn't work and provides me with the alternative A2A variables.

Q: Why is the gauge I just loaded blank?
A: Gauges are coded to turn off electrical components when aircraft has no voltage, digital gauges will be totally blank. Load and power up an aircraft and re-test.

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