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Demo gauges are limited to 6 minutes of operation and then SPAD.neXt will "time-out" the gauge. During operation our logo is present when in the air (not while on the ground).

While some of our demos are available within SPAD.neXt these are more recent versions and more functional than those in SPAD.neXt.

Click to download free fipgauges global variables settings gauge.

Click any of the gauges below to download the demo version of that gauge.

Windows FIP Device Driver and Install Instructions

If you are having issues getting Windows to recognise your FIP Hardware, then install the drivers from the link below.

CLICK HERE to download the Windows FIP Device Driver

While you could install the drivers from Saitek, Madcatz or Logitech, those drivers install services (directoutput) that interfears with SPAD.neXt. Only the USB hardware device driver is required for FIPs to work in SPAD.neXt. No point installing the entire driver package, which will only impacts gauge operations in SPAD.neXt.

Instructions to follow (Work in progress)

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