What you need to know about aircraft support

Most gauges are compatible with all aircraft that come included with the supported simulators so far. See supported simulators page. Please check the Aircraft Compatibility list on each gauge listing within the store.

Gauges MAY NOT be compatible with "Payware", "3rd Party" or "Add-on" aircraft. Other than PMDG and A2A, I DO NOT support aircraft that use LVARS presently.

Most freeware aircraft use SIMCONNECT Variables conforming to Microsoft ESP documentation and will work, but that's not to say there arn't any freeware aircraft that use LVARS.

While most gauges do work, some wont work fully. If the default Saitek gauges work then my versions of the same gauges will also. I am currently adding PMDG 737 & 747 support to most of my gauges (i don't have the other aircraft). If you have a gauge that has 737 or 747 issues, then let me know. Work in progress.

A2A aircraft are supported. I have had to modify a few gauges so they are universally compatible with A2A aircraft, but only where customers have told me when something doesn't work and provides me with the alternative A2A variables so I can add A2A compatibility when needed.

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